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22/7/14 gig – The Bobbin

You will ne’er believe it but the troublesome underground stable Quisling Meet have been invited back by populist demand to the Bobbin. They were confounded, less so than the capacity crowd, but the leftist collective will play The Lenin* on July 22nd. The Psych-acid-hell-raisers will perform their comeback concert after long-months ago.








*As it will now be f’rever renamed in honour





You will hate this


From the ever-indulgent SYR EP releases from the still-deceased Sonic Youth, this track, Burdocks, is a 13 minute exceprt from Vol IV (Goodbye 20th Century) where the erroneously-picked spokespeople for the slacker Generation X-ers interpret the music of their Modern Classical heroes.


Original Song composed by Christian Wolff, who is apocryphally named as the subject of the film about West Berlin brown addiction, featuring a D. Bowie soundtrack.




Fuck Off Bowie, David, fuck off.

The Hot 100 of Quisling Reel of Hate is upon us.


By a popular margin it is:

Rolling Stones

Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Cream/Eric Clapton

Don McLean



The Ramones

The Doors

Rod Stewart


Stephen Wonder

Foo Fighters

Dire Straits



Pink Floyd (after S.B)



Primal Scream

Led Zeppelin


Stone Roses


joe strummer and the mescaleros/any side projects


Beach Boys


Bob Dylan


Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Michael Jackson


Talking Heads

Beach Boys

David Jones

Wings/Plastic Ono Band/Assorted Products


Bee Gees

Talking Heads


Red Hot Chilli Peppers


By scanning this list, you are nullifying your own taste. Listen to Quisling Meet instead.



Release the Press

Apart from the groove spatula increase that resulted from the neo-trad-roots-implosion during last seasons catwalk gatteau orgy, the only resistance to being sold out like a clogged receptacle venture in the great uncommon marketplace came from a long-redundant clerk who inserted that inverted paragraph in the small print of our great nations’ leaders knicker factory tenancy agreement. 

But now it’s just possible all that could be properly understood in the left context! For playing live, not for the first time in our long-suffering town, will be one of the worlds only avante-room-frequency-jamming outfitting tailors to make it out of the sub-basement inherant in every single official statement emitting from the Department of Creeping Nodule Factors; the results of which spread like a poison through our consciousness in the middle of the night, making us believe things which just aren’t true, never were true and are unlikely to ever be anything more than the crazed meanderings through some sort of confused splice of Rising Damp and Nonteraquous performed under the influence of a particularly strong sort of folk-medicine concoction.

Music isn’t for everyone and those who would approach it in that deeply recognisable without-at-least-third-thoughts attitude must be just absolutely intent on inculcating some sort of troublesome scene in the armpit of artistic herstory. Don’t let it happen! Bring your much needed support down to the Yorkshire House on the 9th of August 2014 C.E. and inflagrate your psychoemotional brassiere on the pyres of reductionist rational materialism in one almighty protest against the hegenomy of entertainment culture that rots your brain as it were from the very insides out. That said there’s no way this wont shake the bones of the foundations of our societal mallaise and stop the slurping dependence on leaders who couldn’t lead you out of a brown paper bag if their lives depended on it and in fact probably don’t much have your best interests at heart, if you get our drift. 

Some sort of advice may be necessary but for that it is absolutely essential that, to get the most out of the situation, you have to look inside and drag your silly screaming soul into the daylight for almost the very last time in the entire history of the earth. Then you will be cooking with gas, gas, gas; broken by shale and missing your meaningful sentences as if your very life didn’t depend on it at all. 

There’s a sound that lives on all the time in our world and the Quisling Meet will transmit sections F and K through the chronosphere for precisely 3×432 seconds whilst staring momentary exile directly in the face. Don’t miss this event – it will and you know it!




Views and The Abstract Truth

The debut post, must like the debut of anything, is the first.


The Quisling Meet, the avant-room noiseniks and sole Lancastrian band to possess a manifesto, have been mithering audiences since the current incarnation chanced together in Spring 2013 CE. Following the release of their debut, the V volume almanac Time When Open Long Marsh North Road Node, the buzz of their electrical storm sent rumbles upon The Lune.


Frequent updates, news, reviews, gig dates and ephemera can be found at:


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